New REVELATIONS Video: Pros Witness Motivated by Ghosts? or Money?

Paco update: 17 years later

NEW REVELATION VIDEO: “The First Lie” exposes more of the police fame-up

Where GIVE UP TOMORROW is available digitally worldwide

GUT_itunes-logo Here are the current iTunes territories: Namibia Australia Malta Japan Botswana Switzerland Uganda Ireland Zimbabwe Gambia Swaziland United Kingdom And Netflix launched the film here: Latin America Brazil Denmark Canada Finland Sweden UK/Ireland Norway Netherlands

Depeche Mode FREE PACO NOW T’s to Support Almost Sunrise

In New REVELATIONS Video: Police Frame-Up Further Exposed

Michael & Marty launch a NEW project

New #FreePacoNow video, Help from Depeche Mode & more

Depeche Mode’s founding member speaks out about Paco Larrañaga

Special Screening at Harvard on March 3

Give Up Tomorrow at Harvard

Give Up Tomorrow at Harvard

Please join us on March 3 at the Knafel Center, where we’ll be joined by the filmmaker Marty Syjuco for a screening of his award-winning documentary, Give Up Tomorrow. Event is free of charge and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Film Screening | 4 PM Knafel Center | 10 Garden Street | Cambridge, MA